We receive many comments and compliments from around the Diocese and from within our congregation about our very lively and faithful ministry with and by the Youth of this congregation. The following statements are foundational to our theology as we shape young lives at The Church of the Resurrection:


Keeping God and Christ at the center of all that we do, we have a vision of The Church of the Resurrection as a parish which supports young people as they “grow into the full stature of Christ” (BCP p. 302) and empowers adults and young people alike to embrace their baptismal covenant.

We want The Church of the Resurrection to be a place where young people:

  • Are active and contributing members of a prayerful, diverse and service-oriented community.
  • Are incorporated in all aspects of parish life and leadership including worship, outreach, learning and teaching.
  • Develop a sense of collective and individual values and are nurtured in their ability to make decisions based on these.
  • Explore scripture and discover — through teaching that is varied, dynamic, age appropriate and meaningful– what it means to be a Christian in our secular society.
  • Grow in faith and live into their own ministries through their different interests, special needs, abilities and backgrounds.
  • Reach out in advocacy and compassion to the community as a whole, especially to other young people.
  • Know that they are in a safe, caring environment where their questions, doubts, comments and criticisms are taken seriously.
  • Feel welcomed, affirmed, nurtured and challenged to experience and respond to life in ways so that God and Christ have personal and substantive meaning
  • Share in the sense of belonging, ownership, empowerment, and excitement.

We are grateful for the ministry of our Youth and parents and parish. We hope that all parents will continue to support our Youth Ministry by getting their children to Sunday School and ministry and fellowship opportunities and by sharing in the responsibilities of forming young lives in faith.