Worship at the Church of the Resurrection takes place around the communion table, in weekly celebrations of the Holy Eucharist that reflect the simplicity of our church building and the diversity of our members. There are two services on Sunday morning. At 8:30 a.m. the is a spoken service, with no hymns or music. The general feel of this service is one of reflection and quiet. Our 10:30 a.m. Sunday service is traditional worship service with choir and music.  During this service a Godly Play program is available for children.

If you are visiting our parish for the first time and have never visited any other Episcopal Churches, you will quickly discover that we do a lot of sitting, standing, and kneeling at various times in the worship service. Generally, we stand or kneel for prayer, sit for instruction, and stand for praise. Feel free to follow along with the congregation, but know that you are not required to do so.  Dress in a way that make you feel comfortable.  You will see everything from bow ties to blue-jeans and leggings to lacy dresses and everything in-between.

Our service is centered around the celebration of the Eucharist.  All who seek God and are drawn to Christ are welcomed at God’s Holy Communion Table, including those from other denominations.

After the service, you are most likely to have people coming up and introducing themselves and greeting you.  If you want more information about the parish, be sure to introduce yourself to the priest, who will be standing at the back doors of the church greeting people as they leave.

The Altar Guild helps to prepare the church for worship. Click here to learn more.

Music is considered vital to our worship, formation, and spiritual life. We encourage individuals to participate in the music ministry by joining the choir, singing in worship, and/or making music suggestions and contributions. Click here to learn more.