Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is a group of parishioners who work behind the scenes preparing and tending the sanctuary where we worship. Our goal is to work with our priest to see that the service runs smoothly. We try to avoid surprises by having the sanctuary prepared before worshippers arrive and by having everything needed for the service cleaned and in its place so that the sacraments and offices of the church can be conducted with order, decency and beauty. Our Altar Guild prepares for and cleans up after three services weekly. In addition we prepare for and clean up after all special services that occur at our church — seasonal services, weddings and funerals. altarcross Altar Guild serves with a group who work together monthly. We prepare on Saturday for our Sunday services, change linens and vessels between Sunday services and clean up after the services are over.  Others guild members have special roles that involve laundering linens, sewing baptismal towels and repair work on linens. Loyalty and commitment are the most important attributes of people serving on the Altar Guild. There is always a need for more to participate in this ministry.